Scientific articles

Find below the scientific articles to which SCALABLE partners have contributed:

Advanced Automatic Code Generation for Multiple Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Methods
Authors: Frederik Hennig, Markus Holzer, Ulrich Rüde

Scalable Flow Simulations with the Lattice Boltzmann Method
Authors: Markus Holzer, Gabriel Staffelbach, Ilan Rocchi, Jayesh Badwaik, Andreas Herten, Radim Vavrik, Ondrej Vysocky, Lubomir Riha, Romain Cuidard, Ulrich Rüde

The following publications also drew from SCALABLE contributions:

Comparison of free-surface and conservative Allen–Cahn phase-field lattice Boltzmann method
Authors: Christoph Schwarzmeier, Markus Holzer, Travis Mitchell, Moritz Lehmann, Fabian Häusl, Ulrich Rüde

Stability assessment of the phase-field lattice Boltzmann model and its application to Taylor bubbles in annular piping geometries
Authors: Travis Mitchell, Markus Holzer, Christoph Schwarzmeier, Martin Bauer, Ulrich Rüde, Christopher Leonardi