Public deliverables

Find below the SCALABLE project’s public deliverables for you to read or download:

D2.1 – Benchmark suite to evaluate performance and accuracy of the developments

D2.2 – Report on up-to-date application performance accuracy and energy efficiency

D2.3 – Updated report on application performance accuracy and energy efficiency

D3.1 – Description of synthetic structured-unstructured data organization

D3.2 – Report on scheduling and load balancing

D3.3 – Implementation and final report about scheduling and load balancing

D3.5 – Pre-processing implementation and report

D4.1 – Initial report on application optimization

D5.1 – Basic generated sparse data storage LBM kernels

D5.2 – Generated kernels for boundary handling and communication routines

D5.3 – Efficient architecture-specific compute kernels

D6.1 – Report on identification and set-up of key development systems

D6.2 – Report on deployment of SCALABLE codes on peta-exascale and pre-exascale systems